Dylan James

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  • Dylan James is a 26 year old, Portland-based music producer and generalist with an interest in sound and visual production, project management, creative strategy, and building connections with people and communities through art, technology, personal interaction, and storytelling.

    His hobbies include Sound Design, Pop Music, Rhythm Games, Dungeons & Dragons, and coffee. ☕ He is currently listening to "#Twenty" by ITZY and "Pls Go Fast" by coda.

    For inquiries, including music production, licensing, and lessons, please reach out at hi@dylanjames.online.

Current Projects

  • Club Fantastic: Step Forward — "Club Fantastic" is a free, non-profit dance rhythm game project to provide professional-quality music, art, and gameplay for beginners and esports players alike. Installation is streamlined, giving you an instantly playable dance game setup within minutes.

    Contribution to the project includes producing 5 full songs, video production, consultation, UI design work, and live event coordination and production. I strongly encourage you to check out the rest of team behind Club Fantastic, and consider hiring them for your own project! Read more about Club Fantastic: Live Edition.

  • Sample Browser Series — "Sample Browser" is my own collection of music production tools designed and curated for producers of any level. Included across both volumes are genre-labeled and genre-neutral drums, tonal one shots, short songstarters, and weird, memorable sounds for adding character to your track.

    A primary focus of the project was to provide an easy-to-use pallete of fun and compatible sounds to get producers straight into making music without having to dive through deep and complicated sample libraries that often lead to burnout and costing hundreds of dollars. This also provides people who enjoy the projects I contribute to a direct way to support my work and future projects.


  • Audio Overhaul for Skyrim SE (2.6.0+) — Audio Overhaul for Skyrim is an extensive sound overhaul started by David Jegutidse in 2013, aiming to make the soundscape more immersive, responsive, and ultimately fun.

    Development on the project was handed off in early 2017 to bring the project to the remaster, and has since undergone two major version updates. This included extensive documentation, a complete refashion of the game's audio routing, gain staging, localization, engine level and consistency fixes, and squashing (a lot) of bugs.

    You can hear Audio Overhaul for Skyrim SE (4.0.0+) in Skyblivion Project by the TES Renewal Team when it releases.

  • Characters Refine Series — The "Refine Series" is a game modification for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim overhauling the characters in game. It is advertised as a rustic and faithful NPC appearance package of nearly every character in the game using standalone, hand-designed, and curated assets. Great emphasis was put on ensuring that the new designs reflected the character's profession and lore, as well as not standing out from any base game designs.

    Beyond serving as a simple character and model enhancement, an optional gameplay enhancement module is available that adds "follower perks" in the style of Fallout: New Vegas. The design intention is to incentivize the player to bring different companions with them on different journeys. The design is not meant to disturb the balance of gameplay or features in other modifications, and serves to support roleplay.